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Dear Members and friends,

The Canberra Services Club is the last services club in the ACT and it needs your support.  Your club needs you!  All you have to do is encourage your friends, family and colleagues to come to your Club. 

The reality is that the initial rejection of our two DA's, Court action and subsequent delays have placed our Club in a difficult financial position.  

If we and the Canberra community, want to retain the last surviving services club, we must succeed in rebuilding on our old site in a joint development that provides regular visitors and guests to our Club.  In that process, we need you to publicly support our future redevelopment and educate those who do not understand our intent and the benefits to our whole community.  We also need to redevelop the Barton site so we can provide a more attractive Club for local residents, local office staff and our members.

The intention of the Board is to redevelop our old site (next to Manuka Oval) and our Barton site:

  • within the current zoning requirements


  • providing equivalent or indeed greater community gross floor space than articulated in our current concessional leases

The redevelopments are about the survival of community clubs in the ACT as they diversify their income to sources other than gaming machines.  

The Board recognises that the increase of patronage is the key to our Club's transition to our old site next to Manuka Oval.  But we also recognise that people will not come again if the club looks 'run down' and unwelcoming. In that vein, we have refreshed the club.  It has been repainted internally and externally and we will continue to upgrade facilities so that we have a modern and contemporary restaurant and bar, with a modern conference facility available to industry and voluntary organisations. 

Our manager and his staff provide quality meals at very reasonable prices and provide friendly service with discounted prices for all financial members.  

The Board recognises that there are always areas of improvement and we are open to all suggestions and ideas to increase patronage.  Please help us by bringing people and groups to our Club at Barton. 

Your Club needs you!

Jon Hunt-Sharman

Club President