Membership Groups

The Canberra Services Club proudly supports a number of voluntary groups, charitable organisations and industry groups.  

The Canberra Services Club at Barton is proudly  the home of the Australian War Widows (ACT) and the Disaster Relief Australia (ACT) and a number of other Defence Associations, Police and Emergency Service Associations and various Support Groups .  

The Canberra Services Club at Barton is here to support those who served and have served our Country and our Community.

The Canberra Services Club welcomes any Community group that is a Not-For-Profit or Charity in the ACT to make our Club their home. Those who provide a service to our Community are deserving of being eligible of being a member of the Canberra Services Club.

There are a number of groups who meet and utilise the club facilities including the lower floor conference, bar and meeting room facilities.  We welcome you to utilise our Club if you are a voluntary group, charitable organisation or industry group.

The Canberra Services Club sees itself as a Central Hub for like minded entities to meet and engage. 

Affiliated group and organisations are eligible to join our Community Incentive Program, developed to ensure that we collectively support each other with our Club assisting Affiliates financially. 

If you are a voluntary group, Not-For-Profit or Charitable organisation in the ACT who have members who serve or have served the Community or Country please contact the Canberra Services Club Board for more information on the Community Incentive Scheme for Affiliated entities.